Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sources of Inspiration

Have you ever gazed at the burning embers of a fireplace and thought, "I wish I could get my enamel (or ceramic glaze, or textile surface, etc.) to look like that? 

These earrings by Lynn Burcher of Gilded Lily Glass on etsy is a perfect example! These made-to-order earrings "smolder with red and copper dichroic glass."  Lynn also makes a matching pendant.  And, guess what, we're coming into that time of year where fireplaces will be lit ... even in St. Petersburg!

You can get inspiration from the work of other artists, too. I'm drawn to the richness of the work of Janet Loomis of Anvil Artifacts, where the edges of painted tin appear to have been lovingly rubbed to reflect the patina of age.

When I was writing my second book, I thought, "How can I recreate that look of wear?"  "I'm Distressed" a project from "Mastering Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry" is my stab at it.  

Here are the steps I took to make these earrings. You could also bump it up a notch by adding painted detail through the use of acrylic or liquid enamels!

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite sources of inspiration and would be happy to post them on my blog as a follow-up to this post!  This could be fun! All the best, Barbara

You can find Janet's lovely work here:


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