Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Classes:
Lost Wax Casting & Metalworking I & II

In the 3-day Lost Wax Casting Workshop, you'll learn this age-old art that dates back to 4500 BCE.  You'll participate in creating your own wax jewelry or component pieces, attaching them to the "tree," and casting them in sterling silver.

The Painting with Fire Team has been enjoying casting organic pieces as a part of a ring.  A pistachio shell on top of a ring with 2410 Copper transparent enamel in the interior is our new favorite. One of the wonderful things about cast jewelry is that you can eliminate solder joints, which prove to be somewhat problematic when enameling pieces.  I find this to be a very big deal! 

Casting offers options for creating jewelry that would be all but impossible using fabrication techniques. You'll experience the ease of carving, filing and polishing wax, which will then be transformed into sterling silver. 
The cast tree! Look at all the pieces one tree can hold! It's amazing!
Let's shine it up :-)
We have also added Metalworking I & II to our class schedule as well as other new project workshops.
Please register here and pass along to a friend.  

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