Monday, October 21, 2013

PWF Teacher Certification Program

We're teaching many classes at the Tucson Bead Show, but the one that is the most unique is the PWF Teacher Certification Program.  In June, the bead pulling station received a final patent ...

We applied for a patent because we felt the PWF immersion process presented a double-edged sword.  Students could have great success after one workshop. However, because of the apparent ease of the system, some felt capable to immediately begin teaching, even after taking a short 3 hr. course! Part of what makes a technique "easy" is the quality of the teaching!  So, we sought protection of the piece of equipment that is the workhorse of the system.  The Utility Patent protects the bead pulling station and the method in which it is used.  It is not a Design Patent.  I'll never forget the words of an unscrupulous teacher who said, "Well, all I have to do is to change the design by 10%!"  WRONG! 

In short, we can't handle all the teaching requests we receive!  For the most part, we're limiting ourselves to a couple of large shows, like the Tucson Bead Show and the Bead and Button Show. However, if anyone wants me to teach in a cool climate in the summer, I'll gladly flee Florida!   

What we decided to do is to share our teaching experience and business opportunities with you. We feel it is better to refer requests to Certified Teachers than enable others who may inappropriately represent themselves as qualified.  The patent on the bead pulling station allows us to do this.  It protects the educational integrity of the immersion process of enameling.  It also protects Certified Teachers from undue competition by unlicensed teachers.   It's a dream about to be fulfilled! 

The PWF Teacher Certification Program will kick off with a two-day workshop in Tucson.  The workshop is technique oriented but will cover basic enameling with the immersion method, the tools, safety, working with liquid enamels, firing brass, applying and firing decals, forging beads during the firing process, working with 6/20 enamel.  The workshop will be at a slower pace than normal because indepth explanations and details will be given during the teaching.  Prospective Teachers will leave with a video that they can use as a reference. 

If you want more information, please contact me at  We'd love to have you as part of the team! 

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