Friday, October 4, 2013

Customer Appreciation Day, New Video of PWF, New Workshops!

We're finally peeking our heads above the fray of expansion, moving, buying a house, selling a house, a photo shoot for a new book, etc.!  It has been a summer like none other.  It's kinda good that all this happened during the summer because St. Pete slows down ... real slow!  I mean, with the heat, who wouldn't slow down ... or grind to a halt, perhaps?  I guess to be more precise, it's really the humidity that's a killer. But we make up for it by having beautiful weather November through April! Of course, then you get a crazy person like my husband, who loves hot humid weather!  You should hear the squabbles at our house over the setting for the air conditioner! 

I've found a solution!  I'm looking to get the hell outta Dodge!  I mean, really?  Yes, really!  I'm looking for summer teaching opportunities in the Rocky Mountains (in the works!),  Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, British Columbia, the North Pole ... you get the picture!  

So, the summer was a perfect time to close the store for 2.5 months for the expansion, etc.  But, now we're feeling invigorated!  The store, studio, gallery is open.  The weather is relenting a little.  We're on the hunt for newer and funner activities!  I know that's bad English, but I've had two beers, so who cares. They were left over from a get-together at the gallery the other night. :-)

Let's get on with the fun!  October 12th from 10 am to 8:30 pm is Customer Appreciation Day!  Yay for the customers!  But they're more than customers.  Many have become friends. Thank you for supporting your locally-owned and -operated business!

Customer Appreciation Day is gonna be fun!  I'm going to get my hands dirty with some clay.  I'm inviting you to do the same.  We'll paint it, impress some designs in it, fire it and you'll pick it up later. No cost to you.

For former students, there's open torch time free of charge.  Come take advantage!  I need to giggle and have fun!  David will show you some fun color combinations.  

Use the rolling mill, polishing lathe, flex shaft, soldering equipment ... whatever.  It's there for your use on October 12th!  

You can read the rest of the flyer without explanation.  I don't want to be a "Talking Head!"

Here's a peek into the new space.  I love it!  It's so cozy.  It has a great vibe and provides a great teaching space ... which I'll get to later. 

We're hosting some great workshops to christen our new teaching space.  Many of you know the work of Carrie Boucher of Pink Crow Studio.  She'll be teaching a workshop on how to use a jeweler's saw ... and boy does she know how to use one!  I met Carrie after first moving here and I've really enjoyed getting to know her.   She's very talented ... and nice!  Plus, she's taught children, which is a great quality to have for teaching students like me! 

Here's a example of a project for a class ... 

Here's a piece of Carrie's awe-inspiring work!  

Sara James will be giving a workshop on using whatever camera you have to take photos of your handmade work.  In 30 minutes she gave me tips on how to use my iPhone 4S camera, how to "think" about photographing my work so that the photographs would impart information about the "making" process.  She's the whole package!

Here's my photo after some coaching...

I hope you can join us for some of these events!  I'd love to see you!  Let's have some fun together! 

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