Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Jewelry Elements

There's a great post today by Lesley Watt at Art Jewelry Elements.  When I saw Lesley's post and her pods I thought about the interconnectivity of things. First she mentioned the book by Angie Lewin.  I saw this book at a recent Surface Design Guild Meeting in Sarasota and was blown away by her work.  Being the bibliophile that I am, I ordered Angie's book right away!

After seeing Lesley's great pods, I started thinking of  Carrie Boucher's elegant pierced sterling silver pendants.  She's teaching a workshop at Painting with Fire Studio on using the jeweler's saw.  A pierced pendant will be one of the projects.  Here's an example of Carrie's pierced work ....

The photo doesn't do justice to Carrie's work, but we all know how to use our imaginations!  Carrie referenced this book by Ernst Haeckel as a source of inspiration.  

Here's another example of Carrie's work from her Pink Crow Studio etsy shop.  This is probably the work for which she is most noted. The green on the inside is not money.  Correction: I guess it is a form of money.  It is a bond certificate!  

So back to Lesley, who started the whole thing.  Here's just one of the examples of Lesley's pods.  They are wonderful!  

Please visit Art Jewelry Elements today for more examples of Lesley Watt's pod work!  She inspires me!  


Lesley said...

Barbara - thank you so much for sharing my post...isn't Angie's book just glorious! Carrie's work is just beautiful and that another book I'll be adding to my collection so thanks again for the introduction.

TesoriTrovati said...

Goodness! What amazing inspirations today! I actually bought that book for myself and one for Heather Powers back in the spring with the idea of using that as inspiration for my polymer clay. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing these inspirations today! Enjoy the day. Erin

Cathie Carroll said...

Great post on inspiration. Thank you for the reminder/ jump start!