Sunday, November 9, 2014

More enameling fun and a giveaway!

Hi friends, I'm sitting in my room at the Hilton Hotel near the airport waiting for our departure flight to Florida ... and reminiscing over the past week.  It started with two days in Austin.  My husband is a avid fan of Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives so dinner on our first night in Austin was at the Monument Cafe, Georgetown, TX.  The food was great, but we also enjoyed the surrounding sights and smells at the vegetable/herb gardens and market of the Monument Cafe.
Monument Cafe, Georgetown, TX
Traveling for me always includes scouting out craft galleries where I can breathe in the creative energy of local artists.   This happened during a stop at Oxidize Metal Art Gallery.  Oxidize Gallery is a tiny space! But don't be fooled.  It is filled with lots and lots of spectacular jewelry! I had an opportunity to meet the lovely jewelry artist, Elizabeth Boswell.  Guess what we talked about ... enameling!  She's currently adding color to her jewelry with the technique of powder coating. Elizabeth explained that powder coated metal would not chip, even when flexed.  She's very interested in enameling, though, especially after I told her how easy it was!  While in Austin I saw her book order come through the website!  

photo: Elizabeth Boswell

From there we headed to Guero's, a highly-recommended Mexican restaurant on South Congress Street, which is alive with craft vendors, food trucks, and people merrily buzzing throughout the unique indie shops.

Adjacent to the restaurant was a small, but bustling craft show.  Who would I run into there but Carol Bradley, an online friend and registrant in two of my upcoming classes.  Carol's enamel work is gorgeous and we had fun talking about colors and techniques. 

Two hours later would find me at an evening of "performance art" at a creative hot spot for jewelry ... Creative Side Jewelry Academy, where lots of happy campers were finishing up a fantastic metal casting workshop with Kate Wolf.  Jim and I absolutely were enthralled with Kate's hour and a half demo of wax carving.  Like all professionals, she made it look way toooo easy.  I mean, 40 years in the business has a way of doing that!  

photo: Creative Side Jewelry Academy

The following day we fled the traffic congestion of Austin and headed for Texas Hill Country and Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie.  The countryside reminded me so much of my former surroundings in  Maryland, with rolling hills and pastures sprinkled with lush green trees.  Art Retreat at The Prairie was where we would teach our students, learn from our students, and mix and mingle with other students and teachers.  What a beautiful setting to relax and learn something new! 

Carol Myers, Barb Solem, Julie Panusis, Barb Solem, Deryn Mentock, Diane Cook
Results of the Shield of Faith project, which emphasizes overfired white enamel, gives the enamel artist two necklaces in one!  Each side of the pendant is so different, you'll be able to wear it on one side one day and then reverse it for a whole different look!  A necklace for each of your personalities!  

From left to right:  Cynthia Hill, Shonna Estep, Leslie Todd, Carol Bradley, Mary Word, and Gracie Albright

Barb Solem through Vivi Magoo Presents! hosts a well-planned event at a great location, with wonderful food.  Her dedication and planning of the event gives her students and teachers the ability to relax and do what they love to do most ... create beautiful jewelry!  I would definitely do this retreat again in a heartbeat! 

Vivi Magoo Presents will be hosting Art Retreat in the Desert in Tucson,  but don't forget that Painting with Fire will be there, too!  Somehow I think Tucson is big enough for the both of us ... plus a million other people either selling or teaching!  

Now on to the Craftsy class giveaway!  All you have to do is to leave a comment at Stacey Merrill's blog, Artsnark Artifacts.  

Thank you, Stacey, for hosting this giveaway.  I've been getting great reviews from students and I particularly like how students can ask questions at any point in the video.  Their question indicates the lesson and the time in the video when the question was generated.  How genius is that?  Those guys at Craftsy have it goin' on! 

Have you been wanting to learn torch-fired enameling?  Now's the time!  

So let me ask you ... when you travel, are there particular types of places you look forward to visiting?   Have you been to an interesting place lately that just fed your soul?  I'd love to hear about it!  


KayzKreationz said...

The Monument in Georgetown is wonderful and their herb garden is great. Wish I could have taken your class. I just bought you Enameling class on Craftsy, but I'll check out her blog anyway. Thanks

Michelle Gray said...

How fun re: Triple D! My husband and I would love to try most of the places Guy visits. I love that you shared about the neighboring craft stores/studios/artists, etc. Some amazingly beautiful pcs of art jewelry. TFS!
I ordered your Craftsy class. Just waiting for a spare moment to watch and try.

Stacey Merrill said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I tend to seek out the gardens, used bookshops & flea markets when traveling. Thanks so much for the shout out

Carol B said...

It was great to see you on SoCo and it was so wonderful to take your classes! I'm on quite a shield-making binge. :)