Friday, December 6, 2013

Working on a commission

I had a customer purchase a bracelet from me the other day.  She wore it over the weekend and called to say it needed to be lengthened by "two safety pins!"  I thought, "Hmm, were they big safety pins or regular safety pins?"  Anyway, when she came in we adjusted the length of the bracelet.

While she was there I pulled out my laptop and showed her the article on Jewelry Making Daily detailing how I made the bracelet.  She had purchased the alternate project that is shown toward the end of the article.   She wrote to me later that day and placed an order for this one, which was the featured project.  

I'm really grateful for the work Tammy Jones did on publishing this project. It will be fun working on it.  Isn't it a great feeling when someone appreciates your work?  Are you working on a special project?  Whether it's for you or a specific person, I'd love to hear about it! 


Lori Plyler said...

What gorgeous work! And I'm so happy to read that things are buzzing around your studio now after your first year!

Projects? I've got too many to list and yes, it feels wonderful to receive feedback...especially of a positive nature. :)

Cathie Carroll said...

You have such a good eye and an amazingly creative way of putting unusual objects together to create real beauty.

Merry Christmas Barbara!