Thursday, December 5, 2013

The studio is alive with workshops!

I just experienced my first full year of business in Florida!  Painting with Fire has been open for a little over 18 months and during that time we've expanded the space, I've written another book, and we're deep into the PWF Teacher's Certification Program!

I've also experienced something else very noteworthy ... the seasonal nature of doing business in St. Petersburg!  It's as if someone "turns the faucet off" at the end of April and everyone caravans out of the town.  

Of course, I don't blame those lovely people who come to the land of sunshine where it's 75F from November through April.  I also love it here during those gorgeous days!  However, during the summer, I'm convinced we're living on the sun.  Don't get me wrong, the D. C. Area (which I used to call home) can be pretty miserable in the summer and much hotter than St. Pete, but the "summer" isn't as long! So, I've decided to "get out of Dodge" and travel teach in the summer.  One of my stops will be at the Rocky Mountain Bead Society in August.  Denver in August has to be a lot cooler than Florida.  Right? 

If you're interested in hosting a summer workshop and you live in a place cooler than Florida, please get in touch with me! But this post was supposed to introduce our winter line-up of classes, so let's get started!

Here's what we've got going on  ...

We've got openings in Linda's Sea Glass Jewelry Class on December 14.   If you can find a free hour and a half, we've got the talent and authentic sea glass waiting for you to create gifts or stocking stuffers for the special people in your life.

There's still a chance to get in on Carrie Boucher's jeweler's saw class Saturdays from 1 pm to 4 pm.  You can join Carrie for one of the remaining classes or both. I really couldn't believe how great her students did after the first lesson!  Looking at some of Carrie's work might help you decide!  It's not only gorgeous, but she's knows how to teach it, too!

I've just submitted a great line up to the Morean Arts Center.  I've had a wonderful partnership with them since 2009, except now the classes are held at our studio because we have that great ventilation system. There are new classes and some old favorites with new twists.  For instance, the Floral Cascade Workshop will incorporate enameling juicy transparent enamels on brass, even though we'll still be "cannibalizing" those iron beads! It's just too much fun to tear into them!   In the Susan's Sunset Earrings Class, we'll be etching and otherwise texturing metal to create our own special bead caps. 

But I have some other tricks up my sleeve ...

You can sign up online at the Morean Arts Center or sign up at our store.  Either way, we're glad to have you!  

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