Thursday, November 14, 2013

The versatility of Eugenia Chan's Hole Punch!

We love Eugenia Chan's hole punch because it can do so much! Today, David punched a new hole in his belt.  You know what that means?  David has lost weight!  Wouldn't most of us love to be in that position?

Here is our "lucky" penny! Rachel received this penny from an older customer who appreciated her demo.  As he handed a 1994 penny to Rachel, he explained that "1994 was a lucky year for him" because "a special planetary alignment occurred."  A little internet research revealed that on January 12, 1994, there was a rare seven-planet alignment in Capricorn (five planets and the sun and moon).  It was the tightest alignment of seven planets in 300 years. Rachel used Eugenia's 3-hole punch to punch a hole in the penny so she could dangle it from a necklace. We all know that this would have been a tough job for many other hole punches!  I don't know about you guys, but I'm stickin' with Rachel, who has the lucky penny.   

Not to be outdone, mother and daughter made a wager that Eugenia's hole punch couldn't pierce fabric to make a hole!  Mother thought that the fabric would just push through the opening. Ah-ha!  Mother was wrong, daughter was right! Unfortunately daughter didn't win anything tangible, just bragging rights. 

Now father has a ribbon on the bottom of one of his old shirts ...

I know we've been promising to do a video, but this is "A Prelude to the Video."  Stay tuned because Eugenia's hole punch can do so much more! 

You can purchase Eugenia's hole punch here

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Kim Stevens said...

What a great little hole punch!