Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fuji X100S

I'm playing around with my first DSLR camera.  It's a Fuji X100S.  

It reminded me so much of the camera my husband gave me on my 30th birthday.  My Nikon FE was beloved by me. I'm very sentimental about that camera. 

About 7 years ago, I bought a DSLR, but I had trouble making sense of the electronic readings in the manual mode, which is how I always shot with my film camera. The camera malfunctioned and I returned it for a Nikon P-90, a capable little camera, which took great close-ups of jewelry, but was not a DSLR.  

So, when I started looking at reviews of the Fuji camera, and especially this video by David Hobby, I thought to myself, "I think I can figure out how to use this camera!"

I hope you'll read about David Hobby here.  He was a Baltimore Sun staff photographer who took a buy-out in 2008 and created a league of amateur photographers who, by all accounts, are horning in on the business of the professionals!  David teaches amateur photographers how to create professional lighting environments from inexpensive materials, like cereal boxes, found around the house.   One of the best parts is that he does this for free at his blog:

Yesterday was the first day I got a chance to play with the camera.  I used autofocus, but the aperture and shutter speed were set manually.  The camera can do so much, it's a little intimidating, but David takes you step-by-step through a review of the features of the camera.  I appreciated his video so much! I took notes and I know I will view his video many times in order for things to really sink in! Remember, for about 20 years I've been lazy in my photo taking!  

These are photos of a bracelet I made yesterday using copper.  The center section was put through the rolling mill and enameled with liquid enamel.  The end pieces were etched and patinated. 

Which photo do you prefer?  Why?  I would love feedback ... just be gentle ... :-)  


Spirited Earth said...

thanks for sharing this info..I'm in the market to upgrade my current camera..
as to which photo ..well....
I love the bracelet..but think neither of these photos does it justice..
the first one makes it just a bit confusing as to what is being looked at, as the bracelet seems to integrate into that background..
the second photo solves that, however.. the torn and angular nature of the background ,along with the contrast of the dark and light, of those bits, draws ones attention away from the delicate beauty of the etching. That pointy dark piece is like an arrow leading the viewers eye out of the photo..
The photo quality is fantastic.
uhoh..too much info?

debora mauser said...

each picture is clear, but I agree with Spirited Earth, the first one has too much texture in the background, it is distracting. If you want to use props maybe something like green leaves, something that helps the enamel color 'pop' Great job for a start!!!
Debora Mauser

Lori Plyler said...

Well hello there new camera owner! Isn't it fun and confusing at the same time??? Your first Nikon reminds me of my first Pentax k1000 which I use as a model now.

Anywho... beautiful pieces!! Now. I agree with Spirited in that the first is a little confusing to the consumer even though it is the most interesting photograph (love the depth of field). The second is also wonderful and shows the piece.

Have fun!

Barbara Lewis said...

I am loving the input! It's so important! As artists, critique helps us to grow. Laura and I are hoping to have time today to pull off a coupla more shots. Of course, it's raining today, so we'll see ...

Kim Stevens said...

Hi Barbara, a new fun! My first pull is to the top photo because I'm a sucker for depth of field, however I do agree that it blends in a bit with the prop. By itself it may be hard for someone to completely identify that it is a bracelet, but as a story with other photos it is a keeper. The second one has too much going on for me...and even though you can tell it's a bracelet the eye just really isn't sure what to look at - the paper is too bright. But one thing I really notice is that in both photos the leather knots seem to be more in focus than the metal and I believe that is probably because you used auto focus. It will focus on the closest thing. I would use single focus for this piece probably in the middle of the metal pieces as that is what you want in sharp focus. You know, I keep going back to the first photo though, and even though it blends in it is still a cleaner shot. Love the bracelet and it's simplicity!

bruce wayne said...

Hi Barbara, I also own the X100s, its a wonderful little camera, but its not technically a "DSLR" That term only refers to camera where what you see through the viewfinder is the same as the what the sensor "sees" (Single Lens) also the "R" means Reflex, which refers to a mirror that pops up when you click the shutter. DSLR cameras also generally have interchangeable lenses (which the X100s does not)

The X100s is actually closer to a Digital Rangefinder type camera

Barbara Lewis said...

Thank you to Kim and Bruce. I'm not only learning about my photography skills but about my camera! LOL! Thank you so much for your input! Bruce, any chance you're in the St. Pete Area? I know we have photo clubs here. I think I could benefit from joining one ... I used to love taking my old camera for walks ...

Julie Panusis said...

Hi Barbara,
What a wonderful camera. I really should get back to a good camera instead of my point and shoot.
I love the bracelet and your photos.
The first photo was not my favorite. The bracelet disappeared for me into the prop. The second photo is so wonderful. I love the contrasting background but had no problem seeing the bracelet first.
Keep up the good work. You are super.

bruce wayne said...

wish I was in St. Pete ! I just got back from a week on Sanibel Isl. what a relaxing time.

Ann Schroeder said...

Second photo is definitely the best. I like the texture of the prop in the first one, but it makes the bracelet blend in too much. Beautiful bracelet. I have to go pin it now. :)

Works From The Attic by Linda said...

Thank you for the camera reviews. I am thinking of getting a new one so it is always nice getting an artist's opinion.
As for the bracelet, most certainly the second picture. I found the first one a little confusing and after looking at the second picture I realized it was the set-up in the first one that kept you from focusing on the bracelet...which, by the way, is beautiful!

Christine said...

Both pictures show the beautiful detail in your bracelet - I like the second picture the best.
Thanks for the info on the camera - I'm in the market for a new one.