Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bright Enameled Pendants ... oh my!

 My latest projects in the studio have included enameling some "not so shy" pendants in shades of orange and pink ... and some teal thrown in for good measure. Perfect for this time of year and really anytime.  These would look great in the winter, too ... but we're forgetting about winter now ... nasty winter ... forget you!

This is called "Sunsplash" and begins with a copper disc that is a little over 1.5" in diameter.  I etched it first and then enameled it with overlapping colors.  I didn't want to get too busy with the colors because I wanted the etching to be appreciated.  It takes a little bit of time to get the effect I want, but who's in a hurry when you're making art.  Take a look at Patty's LMAJ post today about getting into the "flow."  I knew of the phenomenon intimately, but didn't know that anyone wrote scores about it!  Patty's post is definitely worth a read ... but don't jump ship yet ... stay with me ... :-)


Sunsplash, detail

The next one has a little more going on with the addition of a murrini, which is a little small glass disc that starts life as rods of class that are joined and then stretched.  When cool, the murrini are cut from the rod.  Solar Flare spectacularly juxtaposes the complementary colors of orange and teal.  You'll see a little bit of red and purple in the murrini.  The exposed copper has been dimpled and polished.

Solar Flare

Solar Flare, detail
Solar Flare, detail

To go with either of these pendants are two discs that have been simply enameled, which makes them perfect complements to these bold pendants.

Sunsplash Discs

I've always worn conservative clothes and colors.  When I'd go to my wardrobe, it would be like, "Okay, what shade of beige will I wear today."  But I've found that my interest in enameling has naturally invaded my environment ... including my closet.  

Have you found that as you've pursued your jewelry passion that your interests in color have changed?

Are you now wearing a color or colors that you once said, "I'd never get caught where that color(s)!"? 

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Mellisa said...

Bright and summery, they remind me of popsicles! I too was rockin' the black, white, navy and khaki wardrobe until fairly recently. Now I make a point of buying something with a color I wouldn't normally purchase to go with those black or khaki pants :)

Janet said...

The Smoldering beauty in that focal above! How very beautiful! Barbara its just so wantable!

TesoriTrovati said...

Those are just rocking my world, Miss Barbara! I love the bright bold mix of colors. So intricate yet so dynamic! I actually used to fear orange. But now I love it. In fact I have a bright orange sweater. Maybe I will wear it this weekend in DC and think of you!
Next color on my radar? Yellow.

Enjoy the day!

Judy said...

You can get lost in those colors...gorgeous! I just love all the combinations of techniques.

I love wearing fushia and lime green...I never would have a few years back, but what the heck they are great colors!

Davinia said...

Like Erin orange was a colour I never wore until just recently and got so many compliments that now it's a staple in my wardrobe.
Your disc are gorgeous especially the Sunsplash ones.

Riki Schumacher said...

You go girl, time for some color in your life! Break out of beige, love the orange. i love teals, and any shade of blue, makes me feel so good to wear color. But of course, I have my browns as a standby! Hugs, Riki

Copper Diem said...

love those colors! I now love orange in my accessories (scarves, etc) when i didn't before

Sharon P said...

I lover Solar Flare's yummy brightness, and I have overcome my fear of wearing bright I wear tangerine and aqua blue with is too short to fear color!