Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hurray! I've Finally Got My Blog List!

I've missed visiting a lot of my friends.  When I set up this new blog, there was something broken with Blogger that prevented moving the widgets around.  I couldn't set up my blog list without it appearing within the first couple of widgets on the sidebar ... or it was coming in at the center of the blog before the blog posts.  So, just now I tried it again and it's working!  It wasn't me, I swear!  I found others through a google search who were complaining.  I feel at peace!


treasurefield said...

I missed seeing you in my blogroll. And I don't even keep up well when I do!
Which browser do you use? I use Opera and used to have problems with that widget thing staying on top or popping up where I didn't put it. Now Blogger won't let me upload photos with Opera, so I have to switch browsers for that.

Looking forward to your posts!

stregata said...

You can always go to your dashboard - you should have a complete list of your blogs there.

Lori said...

oh I feel for you. I've "played" around with my layout so many times and completely lost the list. FYI - if you do it again. Take the old list, straight from your page, and copy, then paste on a word or textedit doc. it should copy the names AND links. makes it much easier in the end. But let's hope you never have to do it again. :)

Gardanne said...

Thank you Barbara, I moved this blog to my list too.