Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art in the Park in Historic Kenwood

My Craft Booth at Art in the Park, Kenwood, St. Pete

Did this Motley Crew scare away customers, do you think?

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, but very blustery.  Our booth underwent changes all afternoon to the point that the mirror (right hand corner on the table) was laying down to prevent 7 years of bad luck!  Fortunately, everything was staked down well, but I still couldn't help myself from jumping up to hold down the tent when a big gust came.

It was our annual Art in the Park in Kenwood, our neighborhood in St. Pete.  Kenwood is a very neat area, I've written about it here before, so if I'm boring you, I apologize.  It's 2 miles from dead center  downtown St. Pete and 12 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.  Our house is 2 blocks off of Central Avenue, which is the main drag that goes from downtown St. Pete to the beaches.  

In Maryland we leave in a rural area.  It is very beautiful, on the water, with an "unofficial" bird sanctuary on the opposite shore that provides tons of entertainment.  But it is friggin' far from every convenience in the world.  It takes me 30 minutes to go to any department store, by that I mean a Target or Walmart, which really aren't department stores!

After our trips to Europe in 2005 and 2007 I told Jim that I really wanted to have a more urban setting for our next home.  I wanted to walk to places.  Here I walk to my hair salon, walk to the art supply store, to the Goodyear Plant where they have neat rubber things for jewelry, to some wonderful restaurants, to Haslems (the oldest book seller in the U.S.).  We're 2 miles from Bay Walk, which has a Muvico with stadium seating and an IMAX theatre where I hope to see Alice in Wonderland this trip.

Kenwood also has the largest concentration of Bungalows in the state.  When downtown St. Pete was being developed in the 1930's, the City moved the Bungalows to our neighborhood.  It is very quaint, but still in a state of renovation.  Howeve, Cottage Living voted Kenwood one of the best cottage communities in the country in 2005.  It has a great sense of community because when Kenwood started it's redevelopment in the early 1990's, it was spurred on by a series of "porch parties," a tradition that still exists.  

Kenwood has been voted many times as a community having the greatest sense of "community" in St. Petersburg and with the most active citizens association.  I can't wait until we're permanent residents.   As you can tell, I love it here!  

If you're looking for a home (secondary or primary) in a warmer contact, get in touch with me ... I know a great real estate agent!  Actually, I sound like I should work for the Chamber of Commerce or something!

Enjoy your Sunday ... it's sunny outside!


mairedodd said...

i think it is wonderful that the whole gang turned out to keep you company! and your banner looks great... i had a really windy show on the boardwalk once, it is a bit nerve wracking for sure... glad it was sunny, you missed one heck of a storm at home... it amazes me that you have any finished jewelry around to sell when you are involved in so many things!

Judy said...

I am envious of the nice sunny day! It is always so nice to have company at a show and I hope you did well. Out door shows make me nervous, especially living in Tenn. we have lots of wind and you never know when a storm is going to pass through, so I stay to the inside shows.

SharonP said...

Bungalow living sounds great, much like a little cottage, right? With a little flower garden and covered patio front and back, and a block or two from the beach? Sounds like heaven!

Glad you had a good time at your show and no mirrors broke!