Friday, March 13, 2015

Team Building

Last night was a team building event for 12 staff of Intel Security at Tech Data, Clearwater, Florida.   One of their lovely team members, Tracy, had been to Painting with Fire before and tipped them off that we might provide something different for their team building event.  Alex and Silvana conducted reconnaissance ... what could we do for their team, could we have food, would their people be interested? Jim was the lead on our end of the mission.  

We knew we wanted to do a combination of "hot and cold" ...  torch-fired enameling and sea glass wire wrapping.  Bren McCoy designed the project, organized all of the supplies and packaged them in a kraft paper jewelry box tied with a sari ribbon.  The ribbon color indicated the enamel color they be using on their enamel bead.  While this was going on at the studio, Jim was doing what he loves best, which is to cook!  He prepared a great menu for the team.  Laura and David threw themselves into the project by pricing jewelry, setting up the studio, cleaning, etc.

So the night arrives!  We're all abuzz!  Here's a "Before" photo.  

The Painting with Fire team assuring there were no burns! 

After the necklaces were assembled, the troops were rounded up for an "After" shot. 

Compare the smiles on the "After" photo to the ones of the "Before" photo!  They definitely had fun with the event, with their peers, and left with a personal creation and a good memory. 

Thanks to the whole Intel Security team for trusting us and a special thanks to Alex, Silvana and Tracy for making it happen!  

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