Friday, June 3, 2011

The thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat!

Screen shot of "The Book" Website

OMG!  (said through a BIG megaphone)!!!  And, that doesn't even begin to express my frustration.  My frustration is at a friggin' nuclear blast level ... for I try again ... and again ... and again to send my newly-created website to the World Wide Web. I anxiously await the file transfer at which point I direct my cursor to the url: ...  only to be greeted by a little cute dress saying something really cool is about to appear in that space!

For four solid days I've been working on the website for the book, which is recommended by the publisher. The site will have lots of photos, a little about me, much about my schedule, a look at the virtues of the immersion process of torch firing ...  I initially thought I could add a page at my regular website, but on second thought I realized the information might be lost with all of the other activity there. I went back and forth trying to decide how to do the damn thing ... and decided on iWeb ... a Mac program.  There's a learning curve, but definitely not as steep as it could be!

After the aforementioned four days of solid work I'm ready for the site to go LIVE ... to take on a life of it's own!  I've spent at least 20 hours trying to play the ftp game (file transfer protocol)!  It's time to call go daddy and speak a language at which I'm illiterate ... how embarrassing!

Anyone care to share some frustrating experience so I don't feel all alone?!!!


Lori P said...

First, I'm madly in love with your new look and banner - extremely professional! I so want to go simple but it's not as easy as one things, right? You've succeeded splendidly.

Second, I use iweb for my site. It's not great, but you're right about the learning curve. I've been doing it for years thought and know what you mean. Having said all that, if you've got a specific question, I'd be happy to offer my attempt at helping.

Off to see if I can see your new site. :)

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

First, I can't help but I do feel your pain with technology. There is a lot to learn and the worst papart is it changes constantly. Somehow you will get over this hurdle. Afterall, you have mastered an art and have now written a book! You will tackle this one to the ground. Whenever I feel frustrated I step back, regain my focus from a fresh perspective and win. I bet your next post is a celebration.

romantic decay said...

No words of wisdom and never be embarrassed. Doubtful that whoever you talk to has accomplished what you have.

Patty said...

I'm excited (as you are) to see your new site. I have a very old, very unmaintained site with Go Daddy and I'm keen to tear it down and do my own. I used to have the recipe for making changes on that site but when my computer crashed I lost the files and have not been able to recover. I think there is nothing more frustrating that those kinds of computer/software problems, but I have noticed a particular variety of satisfaction when they are resolved. You'll succeed soon, I'm sure.

somethingunique said...

Hi Barbara, firt of all i love your banner i still can't figure out how to put one on my blog. i'm sorry i can't offer any help for you dilema i just figured out how to finally post pics on my blog :P lol anyway things will work work out & i look forward to the book and new site!
take care ttfn L:)

Anonymous said...

OMG... it is an everyday experience... Umm like a box of chocolates with my computer... I never know what I am going to get! I am so lucky, if my husband didnt know a little about web design and developement.. I would be in trouble and we still have goofy stories to share. The coding he does is one of the things I dislike the most... I don't have the patience and you code stuff for one page and it ends up somewhere else.. arrrrg

Good LUCK... I hope you get it all fiqured out!
take care,

Kalaya Steede said...

Hey Barbara! Hang in there. I still can't figure out how to do websites. Have a great weekend! XO

Laura Twiford said...

Oh can I relate!!! I am having a very similar day today. As a matter of fact i have just come from Computer village where the tech has had my work computer since tuesday trying to update my quickbooks. Now, Quickbooks MAKES you upgrade to another 200. program about evey 3 years or so by no longer supporting YOUR version of payroll. Over a barrel. BUT about a year and a half ago, the current version QB2008 had a glitch, a very common glitch that never got fixed. My tech created a new file for me to use to operate out of under documents and not the program files. SO faced with having to install a new version, 2011 in the program files, I envisioned all kinds of mayhem and not talking to the document file and my life as i knew it being lost so to the tech I went and guess what? Yup, it all happened , just like that. It got to where this afternoon at 4 the only record of my company was on a little bitty flash drive that we were praying wasn't corrupted. Between him and me we made copies uninstalled reinstalled yada yada and hopefully it's all OK. Wine anyone??

Jen Judd said...

Totally feel your pain! The letters "HTML" cause me stress!

Anonymous said...


I use iWeb and GoDaddy. If you still need help, you can email me. fryestyle at comcast dot net

Sorry to hear you're having some trouble.


Pretty Things said...

Well, I did lock my keys in the car yesterday. That was rather craptastic.

And let's see.

I literally fell out of bed last night.

No seriously.

And neither pie, nor scotch, were involved.

Apparently I was dreaming about Cirque de Soleil. And I had a vital role to play.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh yes, frustration indeed with everything technical from issues with blogger not posting to networked blogs, e-mail subscriptions quite delayed, followers disappearing and reappearing, to calling my husbands cell phone and getting someone else entirely!! Yes, he has been getting texts from a strange number probably trying to get a hold of the person that is answering my husbands number. Things are quite tangled in cyber space at the moment . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, been there, got the T-Shirt. I hate computers and they hate me. I can't articulate my embrassing experiences with them because I don't know what I'm doing.
I pre-ordered your book. Can't wait. Sorry for all your frustration, but everything will work itself out. It always does.

Cindy said...

Barbara, I'm so sorry about your troubles! But as you can see, you're not alone - we're all having our ups and downs too! I noticed your new blog look and I like it!!