Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dammit! I HATE google!!!

I have a love-hate relationship with google.  I don't want to even honor the name by starting it with a capital letter!   I'm glad they're not in the room with me now or someone would get hurt!

The first thing ... I thought it would be a great idea to start an etsy de-stash page ... to offer inventory to customers at greatly reduced prices.  Enamel beads, pendants, etc. grow like Gremlins at our studio because we generate them during demos, workshops, and when we have fun experimenting with enamel color combinations. (Stay tuned for that, btw.)

So, I set up a gmail account ""  Well, this great idea for the destash shop never got off the ground ...  But, do you know what gmail account google made as primary ... yes, you guessed it!!!

GUESS WHAT?  You can never ever change your primary google account for as long as you live!!!  So, now I'm stuck with a gmail account that is primary and which I have never used.  Until yesterday, I never even looked at it and found I've missed some notices from Youtube, etc.  Sorry, friends, if I missed your call.

So then I got this other bright idea to start a new blog and try to get my followers to the blog with the same name as our business:  Painting with Fire Studio.  When I started this blog (the one you're reading now)  in 2008, I was masquerading as Painting with Fire Artwear.  Over time, I felt this name didn't as accurately reflect who we were ... so the name change.

In the process of doing that, we lost the "Google Friend/Follower" gadget!  I still have the friends listed on my dashboard, but I dare you to try to install that gadget because GOOGLE RULES THE WORLD!!!  The gadget is broken ... boo hoo, F .... YOU!  (I'm sorry, now I'm beginning to cuss!)

I love their search engine, but Google Messenger, Google+, and the rest of the Google Empire sucks!!!  Oh, but I did like that movie, "Interns," with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn where they're interning at Google.  You definitely must watch that ...

Look for more creative stuff and less ranting on this blog.  I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings because you love Google ...

P.S.  The solution might be for me to stop having "great ideas" ... because they get me in trouble with google!!!


kerensky said...

Technology eh, it may well be the end of us all.... I could fill you in on a few frustrations of my own, but by then your ears will start to melt off with all expletives being shouted across the pond. Laughed out loud when I got to your line of 'boo hoo', my thoughts exactly, to all of it! Rather be making beads :-)

Yee M. said...

Sorry to hear you're having such issues. Not sure what you mean by Google making your one email primary. I have 3 google email accounts and can have them all open and can switch which one I want as default by simply logging out and logging in under the account I want to be the default. How do you distinguish between primary and not? I'm trying to see if I can duplicate your email situation.

Michelle Gray said...

I feel your pain, Barbara! But had to LOL reading your post. I do think there is way to change your default e-mail address but couldn't begin to explain how. Definitely do not stop having bright ideas. But you may have to deligate some things to someone more gifted in certain business areas, as you are definitely gifted in the creative areas. Got your new book and so excited to try everything! Keep the creativitey and bright ideas flowing!