Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What the heck's been going on at Painting with Fire?

A lot's going on, but you wouldn't know it by my blog!  Facebook seems to have lured me away from my blog, at least temporarily.  You can find me at two facebook groups I started.  The first is "Happy Accidents,"  which is where we share the serendipities of working in the studio.  You know, when things accidentally work in our favor!  Why don't you join me here:

"Painting with Fire: Inspired Enameling" is a new facebook group for those who torch fire enamel using the immersion method but we're happy to have others who share an interest in enameling.  Here's a handy link for your convenience:    You'll also find posts here about where you can find workshops.

There's a great facebook group called "Enamel Jewelry Artists" started by Amy Sanders.  You'll find lots of talk about graphite experiments, decals, resists, etc.  You can find that group here:

Speaking of decals, we'll be discussing them here soon. 

In the meantime, let me announce that I'll be teaching at "Art on the Prairie," sponsored by Vivi Magoo Presents.  There's an interesting story about Rachel Ashwell and her B & B, The Prairie.   I'm looking forward to the event for a number reasons, including the fact that we'll be offering a PWF Teacher Certification program there. 

Here's the Shield of Faith workshop, where we'll explore overfiring of enamel and much more.  The only enamel used in this pendant was 1055 White.  All of this color is a result of overfiring.  I think it's one of the most exciting things about enamel. We'll also do some riveting. 

In the Pop Rocks workshop we'll focus on 6/20 enamel and how to enamel brass, how to shop for it, why is one successfully enameled and another isn't … 

In the PWF Teacher Certification workshop, we'll explore lots of enameling techniques and then we'll talk about how to build your business!

Please visit Barb Solem's outstanding event.  

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Michelle Gray said...

Beautiful pieces. Just requested membership to all 3 FB groups. TFS!