Friday, September 6, 2013

Book No. 2 Photo Shoot!

I arose this morning at 5 am for a flight to North Light's photo studio in Cincinnati!  Golly gee, this is a major production!  The bags weighed a ton.  I mean, look at that table of tools, some of which are very heavy!  I don't know how I'd do it all without Jim's help. 

The planning phase is pretty intense because you dare not forget anything.  None of this takes into account the creation of the projects!  But since this is my third trip to the studio, it has become a lot more comfortable.

This is where the action will take place next week.  Christine will sit on a stool and photograph the step-outs (step-by-step photos) while she's peering over my shoulder. Kristy, my editor, will read off what I have previously sent her as the step by step directions. I'll follow along by recreating the jewelry.   

Occasionally, I'll decide to make slight changes in the order of the steps.  But, the whole process is pretty interesting and I'm honored to be a part of it. 

It was exactly three years ago that I was here for the first time. A lot of discoveries have been made in my studio since that first book, "Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: a Workshop in Painting with Fire" featured a new way to enamel that required few tools, some very basic information, and the abandoning of the tedious steps of cleaning metal and using Klyr-fire.  Your enthusiasm for the book resulted it in being named the Best Craft Book of 2011 at Amazon!

This book will pick up where the other left off.  It will have a more extensive troubleshooting section and more information on developing enamel color. You'll be introduced to some unique projects that require very few tools.  These projects will provide an opportunity to talk about enameling brass, what brass works and why, how to get clear gorgeous colors on brass, how to get a stunning turquoise bead with inexpensive clear enamel. 

We'll explore how to  tint liquid enamel, how to use overglaze enamels, how you can use the printer you have in your home right now to make ceramic decals, how to use your die cut machine to create unique and personalized stencils for enamel, how to enamel ceramics, how to cast pewter accents for your enamel jewelry, etc.  The book is going to cover a lot! 

Unfortunately, we both have to wait for the August 2014 release.  But if your life is like mine, time will fly and it will be here before we know it!     


Peggy Gabrielson said...

How wonderful and exciting for you Barbara! I feel giddy... feel as though I am right there with you... thanks for sharing!

(Ri)Charmed said...

How fun!

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

How fantastic, well done Barbara! A lot of hard work for everyone but so worth it:D

Barbara Lewis said...

@Peggy Gabrielson Thanks, Peggy! I'm always amazed at what happens when you have time to work in the studio. It's just so much darned fun!

Barbara Lewis said...

@Cinnamon Jewellery It seems like I've become more of a business person and less of an artist. Working on the book has just wedged more creative time back into my life ... which is a good thing! It feels great!

Barbara Lewis said...

@(Ri)Charmed Thank you!

Laura Twiford said...

Wow can it really be 3 years ago that the first book came out?? You are so right about time flying! I too feel I have become more of a business person than an artist over the past few years with all the added responsibility and growth at the restaurant, but that is about to change, will soon have my hands back in clay! Can't wait! Have a great shoot and it's good to hear from you again! looking forward to the new book and hopefully seeing you again soon!

TesoriTrovati said...

Marvelous! I am so excited for you, Miss Barbara! Your book and all the attention it received is well deserved. I am sure this next will be as well. I am glad to see you are getting back to the artist part of your business. Best wishes! Enjoy the day. Erin

Kathy Combs said...

Barbara, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. It is fun to read about the process. I had no clue you had to lug all your equipment to their studio to photograph. Just getting ready to teach a class takes a lot of prep work, so can't imagine the intensity involved with making sure you pack everything for making a book. I will eagerly await the arrival of this project in August 2014. And no doubt, I will again learn a lot.