Friday, November 9, 2012

Vintage Fridays

Laura at Blue Antiquities has started something called Vintage Fridays!  I love it because I love vintage.  This month's topic is "Sewing."  I just took a walk down memory lane at Laura's blog!  I started sewing when I was 12, and I won't tell you how long ago that was!  But, let's just say that sewing has been a big part of my life.  I made my own wedding suit from polyester double knit, no less!  I mean, you didn't have to iron it!  Of course, it was like wearing a cellulose sponge that didn't breathe.  It kept all of that really nice moisture trapped next to your body!  We didn't know what we were doing ... we just knew we didn't have to iron! 

I don't want to steal Laura's thunder so I'm only publishing this one photo ... because I must!  It's just too funny!  For the rest, please visit Laura!  

Do you sew or have you sewn in the past?  What types of things did/do you enjoy sewing? Did you ever wear polyester double knit? :-) 


SummersStudio said...

Wow, a thimble right? Amazing. I know what polyester double knit is. No iron fabric was a big deal in the day. But I don't think I ever had anything made of it. I am almost certain my father had a blue leisure suit in it though. And that it was ordered from the Sears and Roebuck catalogue. Do you remember leisure suits :-)

Courtney said...

You both are killing me! :) The Sears and Roebuck catalogue was huge and had lots of fun toys - i remember that. Ah, polyester, didn't breathe but tough as steel!

Happy Friday.

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

I sew! I remember making Barbie clothes when I was maybe 11. I made my own wedding dress, too. It wasn't exactly a wedding dress as in white and fancy but it was long and peach satin and I made my husband's (now ex since the marriage lasted a year and a half)shirt out of the same fabric.

I don't sew clothes now but do sew home decor (pillows, curtains, bed skirts).

And I won't tell you how long it's been since I was 11!

I do remember double knits! Can't stand them!

BlueAntiquities said...

That is swe funny! You made your wedding dress out of polyester double knit? My question is...Are you going to make Laura wear it for her upcoming wedding? She wont have to iron it! I remember making quilt tops but never getting the quilting done. I made a huge quilt top and had the batting and the backing all done but not the quilting. I sold it at garage sale for $4. I always regretted that. It was in $70's colors however! Thanks Barbara!

BlueAntiquities said...

That ofcourse was supposed to be "sew" funny! Forgot to preview..haha

Cynthia said...

Oh gosh! I also sewed - back when the cost of patterns and fabric was less expensive than buying clothes! I made myself an "Easter pants suit" in yellow 100% polyester! Yes, it was u.g.l.y. After I finished the pants, I was ironing something (I don't know why, maybe the seams, because you have already established it does not need ironing) and MELTED a giant iron shape in the front of the pants!! So, I had to make a sort of yoke area on the pants. It was hideous!! Truly hideous - but I wore it!
It was my love of fabric that inspired me to get my degree in Textile Design, but I never had the chance to work at it. Still love fabric, but I don't sew, other than to make curtains and simple stuff.
Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

romantic decay said...

I learned to sew when I was a brownie (do the girl scouts still have brownies?)and my first job was in the fabric dept at the dime store. When the polyester was on sale it was crazy!!!