Friday, October 14, 2011

Tweet, Tweet for LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio!

Linda Landig ... you just won the Harem Bracelet Kit!
Please send your address to me through my contact page at

The idea for my necklace came when I laid my eyes on LeAnn's bird and branch ... I said to myself, "I need dat!"  The ideas for "Wings of a Dove" was borne and uses these sweet littles objects as the focal point of a necklace with tea-dyed, hemstitched linen.  The hemstitching provides the perfect ladderwork for the weaving of ribbons.  

Sometimes I think we believe we have to tea-dye a whole bunch of fabric at one time.  In this case, however, I simply brewed a really strong cup of tea!

Look at the generous giveaway by LeAnn ... 
follow the rules (see below) to win!  
LeAnn's Porcelain Bird

... and Bronze Branch! 

... with my birdhouse

... and hemstitched, tea-dyed linen! 

It was the most wonderful collaboration! Please make sure to check out LeAnn's etsy shop for some great pieces!

Remember, you're at the Virtual Book Tour for this book!

So you don't miss out on any of the blog posts, here is the list of hosts for you to follow:

October 6, Mary Jane Dodd,
October 7, Gaea Cannaday,
October 8, Linda Larsen,
October 10, Andrew Thornton,
October 11, Lori Plyler,
October 12, Diane Cook,
October 13, Lori Anderson,
October 14, LeAnn Weih,
October 15, Jen Judd Velasquez,
October 17, Melissa Meman,
October 18, Lisa Crone,
October 19, Shannon LeVart,
October 20, Cindy Wimmer,
October 21, Laura Twiford,
October 22, Erin Prais-Hintz,
October 24, Jennifer Cameron,

To thank you for following along, we will have a BONUS PRIZE at the end of the book tour! All of the entries will be included in the drawing for a kit containing all the elements of "Floral Cascade," one of the projects in the book. You'll receive everything you need to make the necklace, including the chain, jump rings, clasp, enamel beads, and head pins!

But that's not all! Really? Seriously? Seriously.

For a chance to win the Grand Prize - a Torch-Firing Kit (or $110 shopping experience - please leave a review at by November 24. Remember, leave an honest review... the book must stand on its own.

Thanks for playing along! This is going to be a lot of fun!

P.S. Unfortunately, we have to restrict the giveaways to U.S. residents. Winners should contact me with their name and address through my author website: so that you can receive your prizes!


Alice said...

A beautiful piece! I love the sweet bird house and the dyed linen.

I'm headed over now to check out LeAnn's post.

KayzKreationz said...

I love this piece. And I'm really enjoying the Book Tour. I'm a follower of your blog also.

Millie @ ammjewelry said...

In my mind I started listing the components, from above, I loved the most and before I knew it I had named them ALL! Can't pick a favorite...hop'n over to LeAnn's blog.

Love'n your book Barbara. Enjoy your day!

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Oh my! The entire birdhouse pendant/necklace is amazing!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I left a review. I have the book on my Nook and it is fantastic to have it in that format. I was worried it would ruin the "feel" of a book but I can have it near my workspace and it's open to the page I need.
The photos are fantastic and the Wings of a Dove is my favorite piece in the whole book!

Judy said...

You and LeAnn never cease to amaze me! The piece is so whimsical with a modern twist. Love it!

Rosalynn said...

The pendant with your birdhouse and the lovely porcelain bird and bronze branch from LeAnn are beautiful.

I am a follower of your blog and have become a follower of all the contributors. It has been fun to meet some who are new and to follow publicly some who I have been quietly visiting for some time.

Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways, and for such a delightful book!

Cynthia said...

This book tour is a whirl wind of fantastic artists!! I'm loving it!

Rachael said...

I am enamored with the idea of enameling. I hope someday to be able to learn how. Unfortunately, since I have a toddler and one on the way, my jewelry making is a bit on hold, but I am following your blog so I can try this technique eventually. How do I enter to win that awesome necklace?

Pearl and Pebble said...

What a pretty necklace! Way cool linen and beautiful centerpiece!! I love the little bird house-have these been in your shop? Everything seems so new to me today. (Must be my new floor soap.) This is the first time I've seen LeAnn's branch too!!!!Oh well LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY:)

Shirley said...

Oh, that is the cutest bird! Heading over now to her blog. Thanks so much for this wonderful tour!

The Crazier Sister said...

I left a review on Amazon tonight. I have it on my Kindle and I love how easy it is to have it right smack where I need it, no pages flipping on my if my fan is blowing (I get hot when the creative juices are bubbling... okay... I could actually put that so many ways and get in so much trouble... yeah, time to move on, eh?)
Can't wait for the next stop in the virtual tour. It's so fun to see what's going on and I've found so many new blogs to follow! Exciting!