Monday, October 17, 2011

The Divine Miss M ...

We're chuggin' through the Virtual Book Tour for "Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: a Workshop in Painting with Fire" and we have Melissa Meman up to bat.  But you know the routine, before I introduce Melissa, I'd like to announce some winners!  Yay!  Winners!

Jenny Davis-Reazor is the lucky winner of Jen J-V's beautiful necklace!
(Not only that, Jenny will be appearing on HGTV's "That's Clever" on October 17, 2011!  Wow! I'm turning in! Hey, that's today!) 

The winner of the decals is .... justthecook! Please contact me through with your name and address.  

One of the things I love most about my life is my opportunity to teach.  I've jokingly asked friends if I could be considered a "junkie" because I get high off the enthusiasm of my students!  I mean, it's an incredible feeling that something I say or do can spark an idea for someone else.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Melissa in two workshops and today she really shows her love of Painting with Fire! When I was working up the idea for the Virtual Book Tour and asked Melissa what she might want to present, she said she was inspired by a project in the book ... the Sprout bracelet ... and a technique  ... the heat rivet.  I thought, "Wow, perfect!"  But she knocked the ball out of the park (what is it with all these baseball analogies? ... I guess it's 'cause of the World Series!)

Here is Sprout a la Melissa Meman ...

Melissa Meman's Sprout bracelet
There are so many things I love about this bracelet, like the way the light glints off the hammered wire bangle.  The texture and shape of the copper flower draws your eye into the piece as do the ruffled edges of her beautifully enameled flowers.  What a beautiful rendition and one that speaks of Melissa's aesthetic. 

Obviously Melissa has mastered the Heat Rivet, too!  The technique involves drawing a bead on the end of a wire and then doing the same on the underneath instead of hammering on GLASS to create a rivet.  Once you have the torch, hey, let's use it!

Heat Rivet Charms ... multiplied!

Melissa's gorgeous giveaway earrings!  
Look at these gorgeous earrings that Melissa is willing to giveaway to one of our lucky readers.  See all that expert wirework ... like EVERYWHERE ... even on the earwires!  I love the color of enamel Melissa chose for the long bead ... it's perfect for this time of year!  Remember to read the rules below on how you can win ... 

Remember, you're at the Virtual Book Tour for this book!

So you don't miss out on any of the blog posts, here is the list of hosts for you to follow:

October 6, Mary Jane Dodd,
October 7, Gaea Cannaday,
October 8, Linda Larsen,
October 10, Andrew Thornton,
October 11, Lori Plyler,
October 12, Diane Cook,
October 13, Lori Anderson,
October 14, LeAnn Weih,
October 15, Jen Judd Velasquez,
October 17, Melissa Meman,
October 18, Lisa Crone,
October 19, Shannon LeVart,
October 20, Cindy Wimmer,
October 21, Laura Twiford,
October 22, Erin Prais-Hintz,
October 24, Jennifer Cameron,

To thank you for following along, we will have a BONUS PRIZE at the end of the book tour! All of the entries will be included in the drawing for a kit containing all the elements of "Floral Cascade," one of the projects in the book. You'll receive everything you need to make the necklace, including the chain, jump rings, clasp, enamel beads, and head pins!

But that's not all! Really? Seriously? Seriously.

For a chance to win the Grand Prize - a Torch-Firing Kit (or $110 shopping experience - please leave a review at by November 24. Remember, leave an honest review... the book must stand on its own.

Thanks for playing along! This is going to be a lot of fun!

P.S. Unfortunately, we have to restrict the giveaways to U.S. residents. Winners should contact me with their name and address through my author website: so that you can receive your prizes!


Alice said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!!!

I love Melissa's Sprout bracelet. That sweet flower just draws one in right away. I am headed over now to check out her post.

And by the way, I'm already a follower of your blog.

KayzKreationz said...

Checked for her review, but it wasn't up yet. Will try to remember to check back later. Love her earrings and the way she 'heat' rivets those pieces together.
I'm a follower of your blog and joined your ning site last week to read as much as I can.

Shirley said...

Barbara, I'm thrilled to say I"m a follower of your blog. Today's project looks stunning! Heading over now to see what heat riveting is all about!

Pearl and Pebble said...

Wow is that bracelet stunning. It has a rustic feel to me in a way and I love the organic nature of it. And you are right the golden orange tones of those earrings are fabulous!

Erin S said...

love the charms on copper pennies--what a great idea!

Cynthia said...

The bracelet is really cute, as are the little charms.
I will check out her review now.
(already a follower)

Cinder says said...

This is fun following along with this "book tour".
I'm going to try heat riveting right now.... : )

LindaK said...

Another great day on your tour! I love Melissa's sprout bracelet. I posted a link on FB. I hope you are offering an explorations class in Tucson this year! I will be there if so. I am a follower.

Stephanie Gentry said...

Seeing all these fun enameled works is really making me antsy to try it myself - also love discovering new blogs to follow. Melissa's is now on my list.
Thanks, Barbara!