Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sharilyn Miller's New Book ... "Arty Jewelry"

Cover of "Arty Jewelry"

I just had the opportunity to review Sharilyn Miller's new ebook, "Arty Jewelry," and I was blown away by the inspiration I found there.  One of my treasured, dog-earred books is "Bead on a Wire" by Sharilyn.  Since "Arty Jewelry" is a digital file, it will stay in pristine condition, but be well-loved nonetheless!

If you love rings, this is definitely the book for you.  Wire is like putty in the hands of Sharilyn.   There are no kinks or flattened bends in the wire, only graceful curves. She starts off by talking wire and telling you what tools you'll need, including making some brand recommendations ... for which I'm grateful.  The only way to get this information is to have experience or be mentored by a master ... and the latter is much faster and less frustrating!

"Egg Basket" ring

Sharilyn takes you under her wing with photos and full explanations of how to get her results.  So many of the projects lend themselves to your beads, which will make the projects original to you. Like the "Gem Cuff" below, a mix of your beads and the cuff takes on a totally different look.  Her book is about inspiration ... and you definitely come away with wanting to grab a pair of pliers and get to work!

"Gem Cuff" bracelet

Here's one of my personal favorites ... the fibula!  A museum I visited in Bologna, Italy a few years ago had a large of collection of Roman era fibulas in the most gorgeous verdigris bronze that were oh so delicate.  I could imagine it adorning the drape of a Roman toga.  This "Spiral-topped Fibula" will be on my sweater or jacket!  Of course, it will feature one of my enamel beads!  Sharilyn shows in clear photos how to tackle the spiral and how the coiled wire at the end of the bead builds in the spring of the pin stem ... stuff she's already figured out ... all we need do is to follow her guidance! 

"Spiral-topped Fibula"

"Squiggly Bracelet" is another stunner, but I can see this as a necklace.  Imagine the squiggle part of the bracelet becoming the focal point of a necklace chain or sari ribbon.  Wouldn't that be cool?  But you'll use your own ideas with Sharilyn's book as inspiration.  I love the way the squiggly wire fills in the voids between beads and fills out the design.  Super!  

To purchase "Arty Jewelry," just click on the photo of the cover and you will be magically transported to Sharilyn's website where she'll help you out! :-)  Thanks for visiting today ... I hope you're having a good one!  


steufel said...

Wow, that sounds supercool!

Pretty Things said...

Love the squiggly bracelet!

stregata said...

Looks like a fabulous ebook.