Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bead Giveaway at Something Unique!

I really want to win a giveaway!  It's getting harder and harder to see these wonderful beads and not have them in my possession!  I haven't won anything in a long time ... sniffle, sniffle, honk!  (are you guys feeling sorry for me?!!! You should!)

This is only part of the booty that Lana Kinney is giving away at her blog "something unique by Lana."  I hope you'll all visit Lana.  She's a relatively new blogger ... been at it for five months ... and she's doing a great job.  I love the look of her site. Go visit it so you can see what I mean ...  


somethingunique said...

Hi Barbara, what a doll thanks so much for the support, it's funny i was showing off my post proud as punch and i noticed a big piece of the giveaway missing i was sure i had uploaded and even written out a detailed description of the pile of goodies, but to be perfectly honest by the time i had finished that post my eye's were bleeding LOL anyway off to make a bank dep. first thing in the morn. then off to the website i am so excited i have been wanting this kit for some time !!
take care and have a great evening ttfn Lana:)

Janet said...

This is such a wonderful and thoughtful Giveaway Lanas having! She Rocks! xx