Wednesday, May 11, 2011

                                                                                 Source: on Pinterest

I love this quote ... and truly appreciate it as I pare down even more of the remnants of my pottery studio :: electric kiln, pug mill, potters wheel, glaze chemicals, pottery tools.  Things, in and of themselves, are not useful, it's when they function for their intended purpose that we embrace them and bask in the glory of our excellent decision to buy it!

Just curious ... have any of you experienced this shift ... one so great that you rid yourself of the things that were a beloved element of a past life?


steufel said...

Love that quote. And I have to admit I'm a hoarder. I cannot let go of things, so Matthias has to get rid of some of my clutter now and than. And I can tell you - we fight over every single piece-)

Laura Twiford said...

Actually Barbara, I am feeling that way about a lot of things in my life right now especially my house. I look around and I realize how much of my life time I have to spend maintaining and i'm tired of doing it! Really want to simplify but don't quite know how yet. Waiting for the answer but i feel it's coming!

Janet said...

Hi Barbara! I am really wanting to get rid of alot of things like laura said..why am I still taking care of these things?
I could use getting into the enamel as I have the torch etc! Soon soon! Im really working on my Lampwork beginnings but I may take the plunge soon!

SummersStudio said...

I am paring down right now! Moving is a great incentive to evaluate just how much I need to hang onto things that really aren't a functioning part of my life anymore. I think maybe I need to put that quote out where I can see it... a sort of affirmation.

Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...


I love the quote... I used to think the more stuff the better... and I could always find the "perfect" spot for just one more thing... but like someone else mentioned... I am just not into all the cleaning anymore... my children are gone and all this "stuff" just doesnt mean what I thought it did... and I think IT does clutter your mind... So for me change is slowly coming and with each box I send to goodwill... my thoughts become a little clearer!
Thank you,
Take care!