Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Art and Soul Hampton

Enamels for student use during the workshop
We're leaving for Art and Soul Hampton tomorrow, so today is a flurry of activity in the studio.  Of course, David and I drove 14 hours from Florida yesterday, so we're both kind of punch drunk. Chris, who David and I have known for nearly 20 years, is an integral part of our operation.  He's the organizational mind!  David and Chris both work part time in the studio helping to fill orders and this is where the trouble began.

In response to my policy to thank customers by writing a brief note on their invoice, here's how the conversation went ...

David:  I just sign the note "painting with fire."
Me:  No, sign your name. It's okay.
David: I think I should sign another name each time I send an order, that way they'll think we're really big.
Chris: Mrs. Lewis, we might want to consider outsourcing our shipping!

Then the names started to flow! So I just had to take a photo of them at work.
Chris:  Mrs. Lewis, you didn't tell me I had to get dressed up for photos?!
Me:  (I was laughing so hard at this point I couldn't respond).

Chris (aka Bernie, Chuck, Sampson, Pookie)

My son, David (Bubba, Floyd, Orton, Vinnie)

If you get any invoices signed by these guys, I'd be very, very suspicious!


Jen V. said...

Haaaaaaaa...super helpful boys!!

Have a fantastic, productive week! I'll stop by and say hello, for sure.

Take care!


Norma's Clay said...

Funny, funny! Tell them some people really like when it's a family run affair.

Laura Twiford said...

You are a crazy woman! Coming home from Florida then turning right around and heading to Art and Soul? You won't need the managers reception, like you said! Lol, I cant wait to see you and Bubba, or Vinnie or whoever shows up with you! Safe travels

mairedodd said...

sounds like you have a great crew! everyone needs some levity - i am tempted to order just to see what mine says!

Courtney said...

They do say that good help is hard to find! Enjoy Hampton!

SummersStudio said...

Too, funny. I think we all need a few alter egos. Maybe one for each day of the week.

sharon said...

Awesome that everyone can bust each other and laugh, that is what makes it all work sometimes! Best of luck at the show, but I know you don't need luck, your talents are awesome!

steufel said...

Barbara, your post made my day:-)

Anonymous said...

I love it.... that is too funny!!!! I want to hear the story of who receives "pookie!!!!" Good times!

Sharon said...

well rats! I received my goodies yesterday and the thank you note was signed PWF...I truly hoped it was signed by Bubba...I like Bubba...sniff