Friday, February 11, 2011

Home at last!

Well, I'm home in one piece from the Bead Show.  It was quite an exciting time.  I met some wonderful students in the workshops, some editorial staff of magazines, such as Danielle Fox and Denise Peck of Interweave and Pamela Hawkins of Bead Unique. I managed to snag a couple of wholesale orders from Fusion Beads and Bello Modo.  I had some wonderful artists around me in my booth area.  I'd like to introduce some to you.

This is Karen Ovington.  She was my next door neighbor.  Karen is a lampworker extraordinaire.  I have coveted her beads for some time and decided I had to make a couple of them my own.

These are Karen's beads that are now in my possession.  I think James Cameron just excavated them from the ocean's depths.

And, here is the darling Michelle ... a saucy Aussie!  We developed quite a friendship during the week.  We adopted her ... her maiden name was "Lewis" and she felt like family.   She knows more about good Scotch than anybody should! 


diane cook said...

Welcome home! Sure you basking in the great feeling of having made major accomplishments!

Judy said...

So glad to hear you had a great show, and better yet to have met some so many nice people...that's what it is all about!

Michele Lynch Art said...

So glad you have a wonderful time! Oh those beads are drool worthy!! xo Michele

Pretty Things said...

(Comes running....)

Did someone say Scotch?

mairedodd said...

wondering if you have come back to earth yet? or are sacked out sleeping... what a wonderful trip!