Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's make a play date!

Treasured Snippets, Portland Art and Soul, September, 2011

Treasured Snippets, Portland Art and Soul, September 2011

I've got a lot of teaching in 2011. Who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon with great people who leave the workshop with smiling faces?  It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Aside from teaching at arts center in Maryland and St. Pete, I'll be teaching at some great art retreats and bead shows for the very first time. On April 28, I'll be giving a Painting with Fire Workshop at Art and Soul, Hampton, VA and on April 10, I'll be at  Bead Fest Wire, King of Prussia, PA.  You guys have seen tons of examples of the wonderful beads made by students who attended other PWF workshops, but I did want to mention that Painting with Fire Artwear will be exhibitors selling enameling supplies and torch-fired enamel beads and pendants at Bead Fest Wire.

In early July, I'll be teaching three workshops at Art and Soul, New Orleans. We have the PWF workshop, but the other two are Enamel Explorations and Forging Away.  Take a look at some of the projects for those workshops.

Forging Away

Forging Away

Enamel Explorations

Enamel Explorations

Enamel Explorations

Enamel Explorations

On August 20, I'll be teaching Forging Away at Bead Fest Philadelphia.  On the August 21 I'll be teaching Painting with Fire. Painting with Fire Artwear will also be exhibitors selling enamel supplies and torch-fired enamel beads and pendants. Now we're back to where we started ... in Portland in the Fall where I'll be teaching Painting with Fire, Enamel Explorations, Forging Away, and my newest class, Treasured Snippets.  I hope I'll have the opportunity to meet many of you during 2011 ... and to have some of you in class.  We cover a lot of territory in the workshops ... and have a great time doing it!  Speaking of which, I can't wait to show you some new beads I made yesterday!


steufel said...

Sounds great - only the thousands of miles distance are a little problem:-)

mairedodd said...

your new classes sound so exciting - i wonder at times when you sleep!

moonlitfantaseas said...

I plan on being there for your painting with fire class in Portland, even though I recently bought your torch enameling kit, I would love to learn from you in person!

stregata said...

Would I love to join you! Those Enamel Explorations are just breathtaking - I would so love to see you do this in person!
Sounds like you have a really full schedule - but I am sure it will be fantastic.

Cindy said...

Barbara, you have a busy and exciting teaching schedule ahead of you! This is going to be a year to remember with all that you have yet to unfold... I sure wish I could join you in New Orleans. I lived there growing up and Randy and I visited together....even went back to my childhood home at the Naval Base. I'm thinking of beignets now as I write this!
Your new class looks incredible...there is no doubt they will each sell out fast! :-)

sharon said...

Phila. is always a possibility for me! You are jam packed with excitement this year Barb, your classes look awesome! Those pieces from enamel exploration are incredible!