Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teaching at Art and Soul, New Orleans!

I am so lucky to be giving three great workshops at Art and Soul, New Orleans, July 7 -10, 2011. The Art Retreat will be at the Sheraton, French Quarter, right on Canal Street. Besides learning some great art techniques, NOLA is a great place for antiquing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed to make some unusual finds for my jewelry! We could search the shops together!

Two of the projects will be from my book and the third is the Painting with Fire technique, where we enamel 60 beads and several pendants in the workshop. We learn how to embed things in the enamel and talk about the effects of the flame on the color and texture of the enamel. Because I give so much attention to the workshop, students are surprised at how much they're able to accomplish and learn.

Every student has their own torch and work station for all of the workshops. I bring over 35 different colors of enamel for students to experiment with so that they can learn which colors they want to have at their own enamel inventory. We have a blast!

At Forging the Way and Luscious Links we start the workshop by learning the Painting with Fire technique. We'll enamel several beads, some of which we'll use in the project.

Forging the Way will teach how to change the shape of copper beads that we'll be enameling with millefiori, cat whiskers, lump enamel. We'll make this link ...

Luscious Links - Enamel Exploration Bracelets covers decorative techniques such as champleve, the use of stencils, underglaze crayons, graphite, ceramic underglazes, liquid enamels. We'll create 6 discs using these different techniques, which we will then use to create TWO bracelets. It's a really fun workshop and you'll take your enameling techniques to the next level.

We can explore some of New Orleans together or meet for Cafe du Monde and some beignets!

You can find out more about my workshops and those of other great artists by clicking on this link:

Oh, any registration starts tomorrow, Friday, September 24th. My workshop at the Hampton Art and Soul Retreat filled in less than a month, with seven months to go before the workshop!

No experience is required for any of the workshops and you need not take the Painting with Fire technique workshop in order to take the other two.


steufel said...

Ohh, please promise, that you'll teach in Germany some day. I would join you in a minute!

eve said...

Then when you have been to germany just fly over to edinburgh (ha) I can't wait till the book comes out.

Pretty Things said...

Congratulations! But I hope you like the heat! When I was in NO in May for a Microsoft convention, I felt like I got hit in the face with a hot wet wash cloth. But you're in Florida a lot, right? At any rate, NO is so cool the heat is really worth it!

SueBeads said...

I really really wanna be there! Sounds great!

Riki Schumacher said...

Congrats again Barbara! You'll be great, they will love the classes. NO will be warm, but what the heck, what fun. Wish I could be there too. Glad you liked Maddie's toothy grin! Take care, Riki

mairedodd said...

sounds like so much fun - and how cool to be in new orleans!

Esther said...

Barbara.. it's not painting.. it's magical...!!!