Sunday, July 11, 2010

Great Enamel Supplements to do Special Things!

Do you want to broaden your enamel horizons to a more painterly approach ... or how about just dots and lines? These are the items that will do it for you and are at my etsy shop:

Cat Whiskers, Multi-Colored
Cat Whiskers, Black

Created with Clear Liquid Enamel and White Liquid Enamel.


Malin de Koning said...

oh, I neeeeed to find a enameling course here in sweden. that looks like such fun to play with. like when you do glass-fusing.

stregata said...

It looks extremely interesting, Barbara.

eve said...

Must go and have a look. Malin, you can get Barbara's tutorial on her site, and if you have any questions she helps. I bought beads and some enamel of her and i just got started myself and i'm loving it.

SharonP said...

Mmnnnnn...I love cat many cats did you de-whisk?