Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thompson Enamel Collections

You probably remember I mentioned that during a drive from Maryland to Florida we were having fun in the car with designing enamel collections with names like: Rumrunner, Margaritaville, Flow Blue ....  Well, here they are and they're available at my etsy shop.

Each collection consists of 5 - 1 oz. packets of Thompson Enamel, 80 mesh, medium temperature/medium expansion enamels.  Some are transparent, most are opaque.  Prices for each collection vary from approximately $19.00 to $23.00.  Some of the enamels have gold in their formulation which accounts for their higher in price.  On the listings I have tried to show different pieces of jewelry or beads that have been made with some of the enamels for your reference.  But believe me ... there is so much more you can do by overlapping, layering, etc.

Sea Grasses ... Nut, Lichen, Robin's Egg, Nile Green Transparent, Moca

Summer Breezes ... Turquoise Transparent, White, Cascade Blue Transparent, Horizon Blue, Lichen

English Garden ... Foxglove, Goldenrod, Orchid, White, Heron Blue Transparent

Hot 'n Spicy ... Goldenrod, Mandarin Orange Transparent, Orient Red, Nut, Orchid

Rumrunner ... Lichen, White, Mandarin Orange Transparent, Horizon Blue, Orient Red

Cafe Au Lait ... White, Nut, Moca, Black, Orchid

Margaritaville ... Bitter, Goldenrod, Lichen, White Mandarin Orange Transparent

Flow Blue ... White, Cobalt, Horizon Blue, Nut, Orchid

Persimmon Delight ... Pumpkin, Heron Blue Transparent, Moca, Cobalt, Nut

There are a few more coming ... so please check back!


Pearl and Pebble said...

OK Barbara-I just took the first step-and I am nervous!!! But I just can't stand how cool all this stuff looks! Will your tutorial also tell me how to turn the torch ON?

WondrousStrange said...

Hot and Spicy looks delicious enough to eat...have not tried enameling...but you are making it impossible to keep putting it off with all these wonderful mixes!

steufel said...

These mixtures are just great - the colors and the names. Can't decide which one my favorite is, regards Stefanie

romantic decay said...

Great names and colors!

Melissa Meman said...

Oh, yumm...I may have to stock up on a few of these!

mairedodd said...

these are all wonderful! great names - incredible color combos... this is such a terrific way to sell the enamels...

stregata said...

Love your combos, Barbara! And the names, the names! But it is too early for cocktails at 6 in the morning - LOL!

Diane said...

Wow! The colors look delicious to me Barbara...and love the names =) Super!