Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun Little Pins!

Well, the day is almost here for me to go to my first Art and Soul Retreat!  I think I had mentioned this ... well, it's been so long ago it seems like ancient history ... but I think it was in September in a blog post. Can you guess what class I signed up for?   You're right if you guessed Susan Kazmer's class on applying color to metal!  I am so looking forward to it.

So, in the meantime, the studio called out to me today.  Some time ago I had bought some wire at the welding shop. I love the welding shop and hardware stores ... especially the old-time ones in small towns.  They could hold my attention for hours ... which is amazing considering Laura says I have the attention span of a gnat!  But this wire is the most beautiful bronze color.  It is about 20 gauge and very, very stiff.  I suspect it is steel.  Here are the pins I made with it.

"Patriot" ... sans the word "Act"

"Most Delicate"

"Most Delicate"

I cut the wire to about 7" in length.  I flattened one end of the wire by hammering (forging) it.  With metal snips ... actually because this wire is so stiff the cutters were more like 18" long ... I cut the end of the wire into a point and filed, filed, filed ... the edges, the depth and width of the wire.  I polished the wire tip to a smooth finish with my electric polisher and some Zam.  You wouldn't want to snag any clothing. This pin is great on linen fabric or loosely woven knits.  In the Fall and Winter (which we're still recovering from),  it will be perfect with a scarf ... just don't use it on finely woven fabrics.

The rest of the making is pretty self-evident.  These pins are fun to make because you can get really quirky with the bead selection.  It's not like you're designing a necklace.  These are quick and spontaneous and a great way to use up a few leftover beads.  I'll get more details on the wire and will report back.  It's perfect for this type of pin.  


Davinia said...

The pins are so lovely. What a great idea, especially for more 'mature' ladies who perhaps aren't into wearing my mum who is 92 this year.

mairedodd said...

these are great and i love the colors in most delicate - looks like pink and brown/beige... so earthy and soft... let's hope the heavy scarves are put away for a while! but these are perfect for the lighter ones now!

romantic decay said...

You will really enjoy your class. I've had the pleasure of taking two classes from Susan, she is a most enthusiastic teacher.
Your pins are very pretty. I always admire your colors.
Have a great time!

Barbara Lewis said...

Davinia - 92 huh! That's a major accomplishment! My mom is 85 and she looks great, dresses stylishly and wears jewelry ... now if only her daughter did!

Maire - the pink bead was fired twice. that's the great thing about torch firing ... you get do-overs. It does have brownish areas. Lucky!

Brenda - I'm glad to hear that about Susan's class. I don't think I've heard anyone say anything negative about her classes. This will be great!

SueBeads said...

I love your pins! I have some stainless steel picture hanging wire, I guess this would work ok too, huh? I used it to make a glass headpin before and works fine,just stiff as you mentioned!

stregata said...

Love, love the colours of Most Delicate!! Bravo - the brooches are superb!

Pearl and Pebble said...

They're wonderful! I love the soft color in Most Delicate!!

Judy said...

What beautiful pins! I especially LOVE the second one...the color combination is just perfect.