Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Allure of St. Petersburg

Breezy and warm weather coaxed us from our home for a walk in downtown St. Pete.  Laura had an ulterior motive ... she wanted to go to the cupcake store.  Can you imagine, a whole store dedicated to cupcakes!  Poor girl ... her mom never baked for her. The effect of that is Laura says she wants to own a bakery "when she grows up."  Jim laughed, "You want to earn an MBA so you can own a bakery?!"  Laura said, "And mom can have her jewelry there, too!"  Ahhh, the unfettered dreams of youth.  

Here's the scene of the crime.  

Serious decisions ... hmmm!  Laura selects  ...

  The Cuppy
This whimsical cupcake donning a cherry sour ball top looks so much like our dear mascot “Cuppy”, we named it after him! The moistest strawberry cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream icing (and a sour cherry ball hat).

I was outside watching Annie. But, I wasn't a saint.  Jim and I were waiting for the gelato cafe! 


Boot ~C said...

cupcakes & JuJu? I'D shop there!!

stregata said...

You make it sound like summer. Well, no wonder, in Florida, I guess. Here the temps dip way down still at night, just barely still above the freezing point. It will be a while before I want gelato.

SummersStudio said...


Beadwright said...

OMGGGGGGGG a cupcake store. I can smell the lovely cakes and frostings from here. How wonderful.

mairedodd said...

can i just tell you how much i love this post? the cupcakes sound wonderful - who doesn't love a great cupcake... but moreso is the story of laura and her vision of having a bakery where mom can sell her jewelry... our kids are treasures and in moments like those, you get a glimpse of how important you are to them too... it made me cry... laura is sweeter than any cupcake!