About Me

A straight path may be the shortest distance between two points, but is rarely the most interesting.  Ask anyone, they'll tell you!  My life took several twists and turns from studying apparel design, to earning a Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics, to mastering torch-fired enamel, and authoring two books, one of which was named Best Craft Book of 2011 at Amazon.

Now, as the creative force behind Painting with Fire Studio in midtown St. Petersburg, Florida, I have the joy of working with my family as we build a business that seeks to "grow" an awareness and appreciation of torch-fired enamel.  In fact, I continue to grow in my appreciation of this diverse art form and am still amazed at what you can to with a few affordable tools. 

I hope the next time you're in the Tampa-Clearwater-St. Pete Area, you'll stop in to say "hi," take a tour of the studio, and perhaps try your hand at enameling. You'll surprise yourself ... I guarantee it!  You'll also be able to check "torch-fired enameling" off your bucket list! 

Where it Happens 

First and foremost, I'm an artist who loves to learn and who loves to share what she learns by either teaching it or writing about it.  Most of this happens in midtown Saint Petersburg, Florida at 2428 Central Avenue!

The interest in learning the immersion process of torch-fired enameling has grown to the point that we can't keep up with the demands, so, we've engaged in a PWF Teacher Certification Program. 

We're Thompson Enamel distributors, so you can find everything you need at our shop in Saint Petersburg or online at www.paintingwithfirestudio.com.

Be a part of a revolution where creative sparks fly!